Wezen Consulting joins EERES4WATER project as a partner to validate electrical flocculation systems as an energy efficient way for treating industrial wasterwater with high levels of COD or BOD, such as slaughterhouses, food processing industries or leachates.

They have a laboratory scale prototype where they have done some testing with purine waters achieving a COD reduction of almost 90% without adding any type of chemicals. Actually, they are now operating an industrial-size prototype at a food processing company with encouraging results. They expect to deliver a full guide of how to manage these types of systems at the end of the project.

Wezen Consulting is an engineering consulting specialized in the development of efficient solutions for the water cycle, since the desalination process till the wastewater treatment and reuse. Their clients are located in Europe, and their development centre is in the Canary Islands.

To learn about this partner follow this link www.grupowater.com