A feasibility study, carried out through an agreement between Emalsa, ITC and the European University of the Canary Islands, yields conclusive data on operational improvements in the capture of water and energy consumption of the Piedra Santa Desalination Complex, in Gran Canaria, by incorporating a floating ‘nearshore’ solar plant with a capacity of 1.53 MW.

This study was proposed due to the need to find solutions to diverse operating problems at the Las Palmas III Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant (Las Palmas III SWRO Plant) which is managed by the Empresa Mixta de Aguas de las Palmas S.A. (EMALSA). Basically, an increase in temperature of the seawater in the intake pond has been observed in recent years. This seawater is used both in the SWRO process at the plant and in the cooling process at the ENDESA Thermal Power Station in Jinamar, which is located alongside the desalination facility.

Find out more (Spanish): https://www.itccanarias.org/web/es/actualidad/noticias/la-desaladora-las-palmas-iii-podra-beneficiarse-de-un-sistema-fotovoltaico-flotante-para-mejorar-su-eficiencia