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Learning and action alliances for Nexus Environments in an uncertain future

LENSES ambitious goal is to bring transformative change in the way our societies approach the Water Ecosystem Food Nexus. The project argues that this is possible only through the activation of inclusive nexus partnerships, the Learning & Action Alliances (LAAs).

The objective for the pilot Alliances in the Med region is to design and implement adaptive Nexus Management Strategies under future uncertainty that will co-progress the Nexus sectoral objectives of improved water allocation, enhanced food security and ecosystem preservation. This will help building resilient Nexus systems. In this context, LAAs will (a) co- produce new knowledge regarding Nexus interactions to support the development of Participatory System Dynamics Models at suitable spatial and temporal scales and (b) explore multiple co-developed scenarios of demographic change, climate change, socio-environmental, economic incentivization and regulatory policies. The LAAs and their activities are the means to (i) develop stakeholder trust, feed cross-sectoral exchange of knowledge and build shared visions, (ii) test the multi-dimensional efficacy of integrated policies aiming at improving system resilience, and (iii) build legitimacy for evidence-based decisions towards sustainable transitions.

The project will leverage Ecosystem Services and Ecological/Environmental Economics approaches and develop a Nexus-SDG toolkit to guide multi-objective policy- and decision-making in the pilot cases. Against this basis, Nature- based Solutions (NBS) addressing pilot-specific challenges will be planned and designed. This full cycle of interconnected activities gives confidence on the environmental, institutional, social and financial sustainability of the proposed solutions. On a policy level, LENSES will progress the linkage between the Climate Change Adaptation and Nexus management as a means to push forward the Nexus agenda. The approaches above will support LENSES’ vision for Nexus systems that are managed within renewable natural resource constraints.

Start date: 1/5/2021
End date: 30/4/2024

Coordinator: Consejo de Investigación Agrícola y Análisis de la Economía Agraria (CREA)

Funding scheme: PRIMA

Budget: € —

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