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Distributing our Water Resources: Utilising Integrated, Smart and low-Carbon Energy

DWR aims to understand where energy efficiency opportunities exist. It will undertake cross-border and cross-sectoral auditing and benchmarking assessments to support a market assessment in the performance of the water sector. By undertaking environmental and economic assessments of the regional potential, it will deliver best practice and identify cost effective systems, balanced with low-carbon and resource-efficient design. An eco-design toolkit will be produced specifically for the water sector to support the growing remit of the circular economy.

Start date:
End date: 30/9/2021

Coordinator: Trinity College Dublin

Funding scheme: Ireland-Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020

Budget: € —

Website: https://www.dwr-uisce.eu/

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College Green, Dublin 2, IrlandaIreland https://www.dwr-uisce.eu/