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Create sustainable Innovation in SMEs using creative methods and processes

In the EC MED strategic framework SMEs play a critical role in innovation and sustainable development in thegGreen sector. By adopting a ‘creative entrepreneurship’ approach to sustainable innovation, SMEs can tackle, cost effectively, many of the challenges faced in growing their business. Creativity, stimulated and developed through specific methods and processes, and the management of innovation are considered important factors for development processes, balanced growth and strengthening of a company’s profile.

Mediterranean SMEs, often lacking in innovation capabilities, must be provided with the necessary creativity tools and practices. As systemic creativity support is a prerequisite for innovation development, CreaInnovation project will design, launch and test e-Labs for Creative Innovation engaging regional and transnational public entities, students, researchers and managers, designing and testing structured processes for new innovation supporting politics.

In the e-Labs (CIeL) SMEs and public organizations will generate sustainable innovation ideas with flexible and innovative tools fostering their creativity and innovation. Managing creativity successfully will help organizations to tap into hidden capacity for growth and improved competitiveness. Since SMEs participate less in formal training and education, through CIeL, the project aims at overcoming these barriers so for these SMEs to experience a new way that drives their innovation processes on MED networking as well.

Start date: 1/2/2018
End date: 31/7/2020

Coordinator: Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo

Funding scheme: Interreg MED Area Programme

Budget: € 1.627.450


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