Apply for the Transnational Service on Innovative Energy and Water technologies

The EERES4WATER project has launched an open call aimed at entities from the Atlantic Area to provide three Transnational Services on Innovative Energy and Water Technologies (SIEW). The interested organisations can apply until 31st October 2021 by filling in the application form.

The project consortium has presented a portfolio of services on water technology inspection and certification focused on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in the water cycle. The portfolio is a summary of the whole expertise of the partners involved.

The aim of the open call is to support businesses throughout the entire product development, testing and certification for Energy-Water nexus related processes and technologies.

Moreover, inspection and certification services are offered for public bodies to foster the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy efficient products. The services will also support the private sector needs related to new Energy-Water nexus technologies delivery to the market, taking care specially of certification and regulation issues.

Take a look at the portfolio and apply until 31st October 2021*

* The deadline could be extended in case of not reaching the minimum of services.


Guidelines for participation


All the sections of the application form must be fully completed to be assessed.




    NACE: Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community

    Is the service demand submitted by a consortium? Please, tick YES or NO:

    Current size of the entity

    (staff members):

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For the last 3 years, does a part of the turnover of your entity come from technologies similar to the one included in this service demand?

    Have you invested in R&D over the last 3 years?

    Has your entity received public funding from a competitive tender for R&D projects over the last 3 years?

    For the service demanded, provide detailed information, if there is any, regarding research done, development of solutions, publications, etc., completed or ongoing, on a subject matter similar to the service demanded. Is there detailed information on research?

    Description in detail:

    Is there detailed information on development of solutions?

    Description in detail:

    Is there detailed information on publications?

    Description in detail:

    Is there detailed information on others?

    Description in detail:

    EXPERIENCE RELATED TO THE ENTIRE OR A PART OF THE SERVICE DEMANDED Do you have experience in field of action of your service demand?

    If so, please state the main projects you have participated in.




    Regarding the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights (IIPR), based on the characteristics of your entity or the information to be shared, does your entity have restrictions to share IIRP with EERES4WATER project?

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    This information, or a part of it, will be published in the conclusions of the SIEW open call in order to facilitate the collaboration between the project partners participating in this action.