One of the EERES4WATER project partners, the start-up Resolute Marine (RML), have developed a technology that can produce fresh water off-grid using the power of ocean waves and without the costly infrastructure of desalination plants.

This invention could help many of the 2.1 billion people around the world who struggle to access safe drinking water, most of those in low-income countries.

Forbes magazine has highlighted this technology called ‘Wave2OTM’.

Resolute Marine (RML) is the Irish subsidiary of Resolute Marine Energy (RME) and the coordinator of the EERES4WATER Work Package 3: Capitalization. The main objective of this work package is to effectively deliver EERES4WATER results to the market and society. For that, a capitalization plan will identify the main results from the project and how to capitalize them.

A secondary objective is to launch a Transnational Service on Innovative Energy and Water Technologies (SIEW), whose purpose is to support private sector needs related to Energy-Water nexus technologies.

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