EERES4WATER has held the consortium’s biannual meeting on World Water Day (March, 22). In it, each partner has explained the main achievements, results of the last months, as well as the work plan for the following semester.

The EERES4WATER project has made its meeting coincide with World Water Day of 2021 to remember the importance of this element in our lives.

Promoting the direct use of renewable energies sources (RES) and energy efficiency in the water cycle is the main goal in EERES4WATER project funding by Interreg Atlantic Area.

As one of the associated partners, Canary Islands Government, so indicates referring to a specific example:

“In the Canary Islands region (Spain) there is not much water. Low rainfall and a volcanic aquifer. The energy dependence of the water cycle is very high. The water used in the main islands is desalted water from the sea and complex pumping are required due to the orography and deep wells. Reclaimed water for use in crops, generally banana and tomato crops, are required. Besides, the tourist pressure requires a highfreshwater provision to accomplish the quality standard”.

The EERES4WATER project is working to develop local policies, sustainable solutions and specific technologies to reduce the environmental impact of currently inefficient water cycle processes and provide citizens with cheaper and more sustainable access to water.