The European project EERES4WATER funded by the INTERREG Atlantic Area Programme has published a report on open innovation (OI) models in the energy-water nexus Atlantic Area showing the relevance of OI for developing crucial technological solutions in this field. 

The report points out the need to prevent a water resources crisis and considers appropriate to work on water management strategies. In this sense, open innovation can be a feasible solution to address the inefficient use of water for food production or environmental degradation.

Also, the document refers that water is increasingly valued in the pan-European region and all efforts to improve its management are inadequate, especially where cross-border basins are concerned. 

This report explores the open innovation ecosystem related to the energy-water nexus of Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland, in order to identify the main agents, the innovation tools used, as well as highlighting good practices and success stories. 

The results of this report indicate that the energy-water nexus is an essential element and, due to its collaborative nature, open innovation is an exceptional opportunity to incentivise it.

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